Elinore’s 2017 log part 1

2016 was a rather busy year for me Malifaux-wise, well until october that is. I played in nine tournaments, but after the last one on the 1st of october I didn’t play a single game for the rest of the year. I really needed a break from the game, something which I had felt during the summer as well. It’s a great game, but sometimes I guess I just need to focus on other things.Collodi-and-2-Marionettes

However, I have now gotten hyped on the game again, and I finished five new models in the first week of 2017 and proceeded to take them with me to a great fun Malifaux tournament in Malmö. It was yesterday and I ended up coming second after 3 wins (two with Collodi and one with Lilith) and a loss against my nemesis buddy Erik L. We always groan when we face each other because our games tend to be super tight. I did some stupid stuff though, and he did some pretty brilliant stuff, leaving my unhurt but outclassed Pandora frustrated and glaring angrily at the victorious Leveticus. It was my first tournament in Malmö and I had a great time. I had previously gotten 3rd place three times out of 7 tournaments with my Neverborn so it’s nice to have broken through that ceiling. Collodi was a lot of fun to play and I got to face two new masters – Asami and Nellie, which was fun.

Here are some pictures to log my progress. I’ve painted Collodi, Arcane Effigy, an Illuminated and 2 Marionettes. I’m also uploading a better (albeit not perfect) picture of Iggy, since the last one was rubbish, and a group shot, because group shots are fun! Until next time, take care :) /Elinore

Arcane-Effigy Illuminated  Iggy neverborn-group-shot-2

Elinore’s 2016 log part 10

So it’s been a long time. 2016 was a very active Malifaux year for me during the first half. After that I got a bit burned out on it. I just felt like I needed a break, which I kind of took, except I took part in the Scottish GT and Incognifaux 1 (in Sweden) at the end of the summer. The tournaments were great fun, but I haven’t played much at all before or after them. However a spark has appeared and I am starting to get more invested in the game again. In January 7th there is going to be a tournament in Malmö and today I actually went back and finished a miniature which I hadn’t completed earlier – the classic Brutal Effigy, a model which I really like. I love how it has different poses from different angles.

While not playing Malifaux, I have been playing a lot of Magic the Gathering, which a friend lured me into, and a bunch of digital games, like Pillars of Eternity. I have also painted a Guild Ball team for a friend of mine.

I should also upload pictures of the miniatures which I painted in the rather long time between part 9 and this log. I promise I will update more often!

Luther LargeArachnid1 LargeArachnid2 LargeArachnid3  brutal-effigy-back-3 Brutal-Effigy-front-3Brutal-Effigy-back-2


Elinore’s 2016 log part 9

So Linfonfaux 3 was a lot of fun. I brought Pandora and Lilith but ended up playing only Lilith. I was going to play Pandora in game one which was Extraction but knew I was going up against Rasputina so opted for Lilith instead. My opponent was Magnus. The funniest moment in that game was when Lilith tangled herself up to Snow Storm and Raspy, killed Snow Storm and tied up Raspy. Then an acolyte shot Raspy with a harpoon and dragged her out of there. Raspy was a bit bitter about the death of Snow Storm so she paralysed Lilith after a couple of tries, after which the Wendigo promptly devoured her. Oops!

That made the Doppelganger angry though and she copied the harpoon gun and killed Raspy and Wendigo. On the other end of the table Nekima was cleaning up some stuff. Game ended up a 9-4 win to me.

In game two I faced Erik’s Pandora wp death ball in Collect the Bounty, close. With some tricksy use of Illusionary forest to block los and misery auras and aggressive use of Nekima it ended up being a 9-5 win to me which put me on table one against Bo.

I was facing Perdita, and picked a Lilith crew with a little bit of shooting because the board was pretty darn open. My shooting fared well but Mr Graves melted in turn one and Nekima melted in turn three after Bo flipped a 13 for initiative and my Doppelganger couldn’t save me. It was still a really close game and if I had only selected the death marshal as a target for my shooters in turn three instead of the second, remaining, Hunter I would have gotten another point for Hunting party. It ended up a 4-5 loss and Bo won the tournament. I was knocked down to fifth place but won best painted at least :)

Lincon was a blast. Such a good con. I spent a lot of time out in the sun eating veggie burgers and chilling, tried Guild Ball and a few other games. Me and my friend Hannes went there on a little road trip, and it was such a good time. We even bought a couple of magic decks to play out in the summer weather right beside the con. I happened to buy a box of plastic Stitched Together and the Large Arachnids.

Oh and before the tournament I painted up Nekima. It’s not my favourite miniature by a long shot, but hey ho. The whole bikini demon silliness is something I can laugh at. Well, here she is, ready for Breach Bech 2016! OOOPS! after posting this I noticed she was missing her big, right horn, so I decided to just remove the other one as well since I never liked the big horns to begin with. Put up a new front picture of her.


A little while after getting home I started putting some more paint on my old Marcus model. I always felt that paint job was pretty rushed, so here’s an updated version of one of my favourite masters! :D


This coming weekend I will be play ing in both Bulletstorm 1 and The Mad, the bad and the ugly – two tournaments up north, in Skellefteå and Umeå. It should be a lot of fun!

Get Gaki! How to paint those filthy resser minions.‏

Hello Guys!

You got to give it to Wyrd, they sure have some cool looking miniatures and this guide is about one of my absolute favourites, the Gaki.


These guys are very simple and fast to paint since they actually dont have that many details. The mouth and tongue are the natural focal point of the minis and perhaps the swirling cloth tied to the arms. The rest of the mini is basicly robes and claws. 

The original art is very dark and painting it like that would take away alot of the possibilities for an awesome result. Blood and dirt always comes out better on bright background.  I did a White version of Bete Noire when I started playing malifaux so I thought that I should do something along that line again since it was both fun to paint and looked kinda cool.


In this guide I’ll focus on how I did the gory dirty robes and try to show just how easily its done. It took about 1 hour 20 minutes of painting and watching paint dry before it was done.

The Paints I’ve used for the robe and gore are as follows:

Dheneb Stone from Citadel  (If you don’t have access to this color use a bright similar one that covers well on black backround, Otherwise go for a similar color but with white undercoat instead)

Ivory, Vallejo
Charred Brown, Vallejo
Dark Tone wash, Armypainter
Soft Tone Wash, Armypainter
Blood for the Blood Good, Citade Techical
Typhus Corrosion, Citadel Techical

Here we go:

We start of with the black basecoated mini. The base is made out of sand and Cork.


We start by applying Dheneb stone on the entire model. The great thing with this color is that it covers very well on black undercoat. Its a thick color so if you don’t have access to this one or one with a similar concistancy you need to apply more layers to get an even finish. I would also recommend to basecoat with white primer instead. As you can see Ive also painted the skin in a grey tone (codex Grey, citadel)


Since we will do a wash over the entire miniature later I like to pre-highlight the parts on the robe where the light would fall down from above aka zenith highlighting. I use a mix of Dheneb stone and the excellent color Ivory. Ivory is warm in its tone and therefore perfect when highlighting the warm color of dheneb stone. If I where to highlight grey or blue I would mix the color with a colder version of white. Like Skull white from Citadel.

Here you can see that I did the same kind of pre-highlight on the grey flesh.

Now its time to apply the washes, I use Dark Tone on the flesh since its more suiting for the grey flesh im after and I want to create a stronger contrast to the robes. For the robes Ive used soft tone with some added tap-water to thin it out. What we are aiming for here is a stronger shadow to bring out more contrast. The wash also kinda ties the colors together hiding ugly visable brushstrokes from the pre-highlighting .


Now its time to create the dirt on the robes. Ive tried to use thinned down colors here to let the bright robes shine though. I started with randomly adding some watered down charred brown.


I then took out my good old Citadel Stippling brush and splashed on some charred brown. If you are not used to the stippling technique you probably should check a youtube video out on how the basic technique is done.  I recommend this video from Games Workshop
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TRBq7GVnJM Jump in to the 1:55 mark for what we are doing here.

Here you can see that I’ve applied watered down Typhus Corrosion, Another excellent Citadel Techical Color. This pre-thinned paint has grain in it that gives a very cool dirty effect both very suitable for rust and mud. It gives a nice gritty look when it dries but still letting the surface below shine through where its not to heavely applyed. Just what we are after here.
As you might have noticed I’ve also painted the mouth and claws. Nothing special here. I used metal for teeth and claws to add to the horror. These guys eat a lot so then need strong teeth =D


Here I’ve just used some red wash to make the grey skin look more sick and horrific.


Now we are soon done. Table manners is nothing these guys take that seriously as you can see around his face. I’ve splashed on some Blood for the Blood good and added more of it both watered down and ordinary paint around the robes covering the lower face. I see a lot of painters use to much of this color. It’s an excellent color but sometimes less is more. You want the color and effect to add to the overall look of model not take over entirely. Water down the paint and start small when applying this color and just keep adding until you are satisfied.

I hope you found this guide helpful. If you have any feedback or questions don’t hesitate to contact me here or on twitter @johan_hoflin

You can also check out my other painted minis on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hoflin/


Painting Guide – Necrotic Skin and Rust

Hi Guys,

First of, thanks to Elinore for letting me use Malifaux.se as a home for my malifaux-related painting tutorials.

Here is my step by step Necrotic skin and simple rust guide previously posted on the excellent podcast FauxHios homepage.

For this guide I’ve used the following colors and brushes:

Necrotic Flesh (Army Painter)
Dark tone ink (Army Painter)
Plate Mail Metal (Army Painter)
Dark Fleshtone (Game Color line Vallejo)
Green Grey (Model Color Vallejo)
Ivory (model Color Vallejo)
Typhus Corrosion (Citadel Technical)
Blood for the Blood god (Citadel Technical)
Crimson Gore (Citadel)
Blazing Orange (Citadel)
Black Basecoat (Citadel Spray)

For brushes I’ve used a Large Brush, Dry, Stipple and Layer Brush from Citadel. I think fine detail brushes are often overrated. A well taken care of layer brush works for most fine detail work.

So we start this off with an assembled model. This guy is made out of resin mixed with some metal pieces. It’s not as heavy as it looks since its casted in resin. I pinned all parts together with copper wire for it to hold together better.


I start to apply Necrotic flesh with my bigger Citadel Dry brush. It’s a big model so a bigger brush saves a lot of time. This is done as fast as possible not caring much it we get green paint on parts that’s not suppose to be green, like the metal details. We will paint that over later of course. Just be sure that you don’t apply to much paint so that we miss out on details.


I like to work with Dark tone ink-Wash and something I’ve come up with is to pre-highlight before the wash is applied. This makes the model keep its tones together and the wash later hides the visible brushstrokes better. So I start high lightning with Necrotic Flesh mixed with Green grey.


As you can see I try to apply highlights as if the light is falling straight from above. This is something I always do when painting flesh and skin. It gives a much more realistic finish. Perhaps I’ll do a human skin guide later where I can show this better. This is not a very realistic model and perhaps not the best mini to showcase it.


Now we are done with the first steps of pre-highlighting and since our next step for the skin is to apply a Dark tone wash to create shades, contras and more definition we give the other parts of the model its base colors. In this case the metal and brown cloth on the models left leg. I also paint the skeleton parts and spikes brown for the moment. Ill talk abit more about the center-skeleton parts later.

I now apply Dark tone wash mixed out with some water. I try to apply this in a way where we don’t get to much excessive wash collected in pools. Unfortunately something came up with one of my sons when I was doing this so the work got a bit sloppy done as you can see on the models back. It’s very important to not let the wash dry before you are finished with the entire model. Make sure you use the brush to soak up excessive wash since when it dries the surface tension of a pool will make the wash dry unevenly creating rings and a very bad result.


I will focus a bit more on the models left arm for this guide. Here is a picture from after the wash has dried.


So now we start to apply highligts again and try to fix areas where I might have failed a bit with the wash. For this work I use Green Grey and Ivory. For the end result of the necrotic skin it’s important to get a good contrast between the shades and brightest highlights. The red watered down glaze we will apply later will react differently to the darker green, bright green and almost white highlights as you will se.

Now it’s time for the fun part where everything comes to life. I use a dark red color named Crimson Gore. This color is thin and does not cover well on black background so don’t use just any dark red color, use a thin one. Gws foundation-colors are a big no-no for this. I mix up the paint with a lot of water making it look milky and transparent. You can also mix red up with Vallejo Glaze Medium for a similar result. I’ve mostly used tap-water though.

I start to apply the wash both over the wounds and in random places on the skin. In the recesses the wash will blend with the dark-green and make a grey kind of finish. At the bright highlighted areas you will get a infected red/pinkish look, Just Like it’s bloated and about to burst. This process is very quick compared with what you have done so far so it’s good take your time anyway. It’s a very fun process where you see the fruit of your previous work.


I touch up a bit on the hightlights applying some white to give more contrast on the gory areas.


I love to paint gore and the GW-Techical color: Blood for the Blood God is amazing for this purpose. I start to apply a mix of BftBG and water where the wounds look the most ready to burst. On this model I use it quite vividly but with this color less is actually more. Try to mix it up a bit with water and don’t use too much. I’ve seen fine models totally ruined when the painter has got to excessive with this color. It’s easy to get carried away though.

I use a GW stipple brush to splash some bloodstains on the flesh. GW has an amazing guide for using Blood for the Blood god on their youtube channel where they show this technique in depth. You can splash bloodstains using an airbrush as well blowing air on a brush with paint on it aiming towards the model. What you are after are very small drops of red paint hitting the model in a realistic way. You can never get the same result by applying the paint with a brush directly.


Now it’s time for some Rusty Metal and or second part of this tutorial. As you can see on the picture above with the blood splashed on I’ve also washed the metal areas with a mix of dark fleshtone and water. Almost the same way as I did with crimson gore earlier.  This will be our base foundation of heavier rust on the metal.

I love rust, it looks great, it gives a lot of atmosphere and realism to your model. And best of all its very simple and fast to do.

After I applied the brown watered down wash I go over the metal areas with Typhus Corrosion, Another excellent GW-paint that is both transparent and has small grains in it that will give a more weathered finish on the area you apply it on. The transparency of the color also lets the colors below shine through a bit. I use this color when I paint dirt and earth as well its really great for getting that gritty look that I think the world of Malifaux is all about.

The third and close to final step is to mix up the Corrosion paint with some orange (Blazing Orange) this is applied randomly over the rust to get more diversity and contrast. Real rust ranges from Brown to bright orange and even yellow. I recommend google searching on rust for some amazing and beautiful pictures of rust to use for inspiration.



The skeleton in the middle is a bit of a lackluster for this model. I want the focal points to be the infected gross wounds. The skeleton and the skull is more a decoration for this creature and not as important as a face of an ordinary miniature where you’re natural focal point will be. I toned down the skeleton parts. Kept them dark and dirty as it was some kind of old remains with no purpose that is stuck in this enormous creation of flesh and steel.


Here we are at end of our journey. The finished model. I made a simple base out of sand and kork. I Painted as the base of most of my newer models. I applied some Army painter Highland tuft to make the base a bit more interesting.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and hopefully you learnt something new. This is a big model and it sure took some time to do this but applying these simple steps on normal sized miniatures does not take much time at all.



Elinore’s 2016 log part 8

Soooo… It’s been quite a while since I updated. My and my ”sambo” (a swedish word a girl/boy-friend you’re living with) for have moved into a new apartment and it tends to take a while before things start to get back in order. The apartment is really nice so that’s great! The week before the move I played in the Gothcon tournament which was a ton of fun. I played Lilith in two of the games (which I won) and Nicodem in one that I drew. I ended up in third place out of 14 players which is alright I guess :). I also brought out Marcus for some pick up games which was fun.

I am now hyping Linconfaux 3 which is in a week, where I’m going to play Neverborn. I won the last Linconfaux tournament and I plan on trying to win this one as well :D We’ll see how that goes.

So, models. I painted Barbaros and my counts as model for Anna Lovelace before the move. The counts as model is from Demented Games. Pictures of these models have been on twitter and facebook earlier but I feel like I want to add them here as well. They were both a ton of fun to paint! Such good models.





Then, after the move, I painted these three little dolls. The Stitched with the censer was actually finished just half an hour or something ago. They’re the old metal Stitched models which I’ve had lying around for quite some time now. They were fun to paint, and so was the new Mysterious Effigy.



Next up is Nekima, who has just landed on some stairs I sculpted from super sculpy (which I use to make my cobblestone bases – well I sometimes use green stuff as well).


Elinore’s 2016 log part 7

Hello again!

I’ve departed from my trend of painting one miniature a week. Last week I actually painted six! :) Although I painted them with a little more speed than usual. That’s because I painted Ressers and I paint my ressers using a lot of washes and quick highlights.

First up is another Dead Rider which I painted for my friend Jesper (PJ on the Wyrd forums). So I hope he’ll like it and that it’ll do him good on the table top! The Dead Rider doesn’t seem all that popular but I think it has some potential, depending on strategies and schemes of course. It was a fun model to paint.

Dead-Rider-2b Dead-Rider-2a

I then painted some zombies for my own resser gang. They’re Mantic zombies which I got from a friend, so not strictly Malifaux this time, but I painted four of them to use as Mindless Zombies and modified one with a chainsaw from the TTB fem kit and a blowtorch/weld prosthetic thingy from the Rail Worker kit. I intend to use it as a Student of Steel. Hopefully people will be okay with me using it as a counts as model. It looks undead construct and anti armour enough for me at least. I might buy the Mindless Zombies kit eventually but as I said, got them free from a friend! :)


There is a three game tournament coming up this friday at Gothcon here in Gothenburg. In this tournament, which is held by my friend Johan, we are allowed to pick two masters from different factions. I think I want to make use of this fun format and play one Resurrectionist master and one Neverborn master. I think it should be fun! So I’m really excited about the tournament and Gothcon as a whole. On saturday there are going to be pick up games and demos. The previous couple of years I have held the tournament and demos together with Johan but this year I am not going to be organising anything – just playing – and it feels good.

I hope you’ll like the resser update. I promise the limited Barbaros miniature will be painted some time in the near future. Although I am moving next week so there could be a gap in updates. Anyway, have a good time. So long!


Elinore’s 2016 log part 6

Hello again!

I played in the Trigger Happy II tournament this weekend, up in Umeå. It was 28 players, 5 games with the new schemes, but with a focus on differential instead of the traditional tournament points of the Gaining Grounds document. Basically you take the differential of your results and convert it to a result where you fight for 20 points. So if I lose 5-10 the differential would be 5 and thus my opponent would get 13 points and I would get 7 (5 less). It’s a pretty nice system because then it doesn’t hurt as much when you lose by a point, because you still get benefit from all the hard work you put into that really tight game.

I played Pandora all day, because I couldn’t finish my Lilith paint job in time, but it was a lot of fun. I am really enjoying playing her. In the end I scored a 15-5 win against the Viktorias, 11-9 win against Guild McCabe, 9-11 loss against Mech Leveticus, another 9-11 loss against Shenlong and a 13-7 win against Horror Molly. This put me at 7th place out of 28 which I’m quite content with. I did better than in the first tournament I played with Neverborn so that’s nice. The highlights of the tournament were probably killing both Viktorias with Pandora before they could kill anything, and Lust making Flesh Constructs and a Nurse stop what they were doing to instead run around and snog each other! Hilarious. Great fun event overall, and I got to see some people I’ve played on Vassal before so that was great fun.

I managed to win the painting trophy, which came with a 300 sek coupon, which I used to buy Collodi. Love it when you HAVE to buy miniatures! :D

Before the tournament I finished Lilitu, and I tried to paint her dress as if it was semi-transparent purple latex. I’m sure the Neverborn have latex clothing right? Sometimes? It was great fun trying to paint the blue skin showing through the semi transparent dress. I also finished painting Lilith today. I changed my mind about her colour scheme and hair colour several times but I think I quite like how she turned out in the end. The base is supposed to fit with my other Neverborn but show how the flora of Malifaux grows around her, taking back the earth from civilisation. Or something like that!




Next up is the limited edition Barbaros I believe. Hope you enjoyed these models!


Elinore’s 2016 log part 5

Hello again everyone!

I have fallen behind a bit with updates, but I’m painting and gaming at a steady pace. The weekend before last weekend I took my Neverborn to their first tournament, which was Dragonfaux 6. It went okay. I had four really fun games, two 5-6 losses, one 8-5 win and one 10-7 win. I feel like I played Pandora very well but I made some mistakes in scheme selection and handled a few models poorly a couple of times. But I’m okay with the result. I came 7th out of 20 this time. It feels great to be out of my comfort zone of the Arcanists (although I did play some Ressers and 10t last year as well as the Arcs) and Neverborn are exciting. This weekend I’m going up north in Sweden to Trigger Happy 2, and it’s the biggest Malifaux tournament in Sweden so far so it’s exciting. I’m bringing the Neverborn again.

I’ve been busy painting. I think I’ve painted a model a week so far this year, which I am pretty happy with since it’s more advanced painting than the Ressers I powered through last summer.

So here’s a whole lot of pictures of some new additions to my Neverborn gang of happy friends.

First up is The Depleted. This woman isn’t feeling too well. Not the most exciting model but it’s okay.


And then we have Mr Graves. I really like Mr Graves. He is a lot of fun, has a great model and is just really good for his cost in the game. He seems to turn up in all of my Neverborn lists while his friend Mr Tannen just comes by now and then.


And now we have Lust, a mercenary from the Ten Thunders but painted up in those super happy (sad) blue tones of my Neverborn friends. I love Lust. She is just so much fun. The box is magnetised to the base so I can put her on a base with a different theme, like I do with most of my mercs.


Oh and what have we here? An itty bitty terror tot! This little model was a lot of fun to paint.


I also made a cobblestone base for Johana to use when fielded in a Neverborn crew. It or Lust’s base can also be used by my Freikorps Trapper, although I’ve not used that model in a while.



I am currently painting Lilitu and Lilith. Here’s a WIP of Lilitu in a transparent rubber dress. I’m sure the Nephilim wore latex clothing sometimes… :P


What do you think? :)

See you!

Elinore’s 2016 log part 4


Hello again!

So now it’s february and time for another blog post. This time it’s just a quick neverborn update. I painted a Depleted and sculpted a new base for Pandora because I felt hers wasn’t very well made. The cobblestones on it were smaller and ugly and it was just a bit plain. I’m much happier with the new one.

I am also rather happy with how the crew is coming along so I took a group picture. Click the image to see a bigger version. What do you think? I will take individuel pictures of the Depleted when my next model or models are done. Lust is well on the way to being finished.

Games-wise I am really enjoying the Neverborn. I have actually tried Lilith once, but she has only been built yet and I am focusing on Pandora for the time being.

Next update should include pictures of the Depleted, Lust and possibly Mr Graves.

Elinore signing out :)