Elinore’s 2017 log part 1

2016 was a rather busy year for me Malifaux-wise, well until october that is. I played in nine tournaments, but after the last one on the 1st of october I didn’t play a single game for the rest of the year. I really needed a break from the game, something which I had felt during the summer as well. It’s a great game, but sometimes I guess I just need to focus on other things.Collodi-and-2-Marionettes

However, I have now gotten hyped on the game again, and I finished five new models in the first week of 2017 and proceeded to take them with me to a great fun Malifaux tournament in Malmö. It was yesterday and I ended up coming second after 3 wins (two with Collodi and one with Lilith) and a loss against my nemesis buddy Erik L. We always groan when we face each other because our games tend to be super tight. I did some stupid stuff though, and he did some pretty brilliant stuff, leaving my unhurt but outclassed Pandora frustrated and glaring angrily at the victorious Leveticus. It was my first tournament in Malmö and I had a great time. I had previously gotten 3rd place three times out of 7 tournaments with my Neverborn so it’s nice to have broken through that ceiling. Collodi was a lot of fun to play and I got to face two new masters – Asami and Nellie, which was fun.

Here are some pictures to log my progress. I’ve painted Collodi, Arcane Effigy, an Illuminated and 2 Marionettes. I’m also uploading a better (albeit not perfect) picture of Iggy, since the last one was rubbish, and a group shot, because group shots are fun! Until next time, take care :) /Elinore

Arcane-Effigy Illuminated  Iggy neverborn-group-shot-2


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