Get Gaki! How to paint those filthy resser minions.‏

Hello Guys!

You got to give it to Wyrd, they sure have some cool looking miniatures and this guide is about one of my absolute favourites, the Gaki.


These guys are very simple and fast to paint since they actually dont have that many details. The mouth and tongue are the natural focal point of the minis and perhaps the swirling cloth tied to the arms. The rest of the mini is basicly robes and claws. 

The original art is very dark and painting it like that would take away alot of the possibilities for an awesome result. Blood and dirt always comes out better on bright background.  I did a White version of Bete Noire when I started playing malifaux so I thought that I should do something along that line again since it was both fun to paint and looked kinda cool.


In this guide I’ll focus on how I did the gory dirty robes and try to show just how easily its done. It took about 1 hour 20 minutes of painting and watching paint dry before it was done.

The Paints I’ve used for the robe and gore are as follows:

Dheneb Stone from Citadel  (If you don’t have access to this color use a bright similar one that covers well on black backround, Otherwise go for a similar color but with white undercoat instead)

Ivory, Vallejo
Charred Brown, Vallejo
Dark Tone wash, Armypainter
Soft Tone Wash, Armypainter
Blood for the Blood Good, Citade Techical
Typhus Corrosion, Citadel Techical

Here we go:

We start of with the black basecoated mini. The base is made out of sand and Cork.


We start by applying Dheneb stone on the entire model. The great thing with this color is that it covers very well on black undercoat. Its a thick color so if you don’t have access to this one or one with a similar concistancy you need to apply more layers to get an even finish. I would also recommend to basecoat with white primer instead. As you can see Ive also painted the skin in a grey tone (codex Grey, citadel)


Since we will do a wash over the entire miniature later I like to pre-highlight the parts on the robe where the light would fall down from above aka zenith highlighting. I use a mix of Dheneb stone and the excellent color Ivory. Ivory is warm in its tone and therefore perfect when highlighting the warm color of dheneb stone. If I where to highlight grey or blue I would mix the color with a colder version of white. Like Skull white from Citadel.

Here you can see that I did the same kind of pre-highlight on the grey flesh.

Now its time to apply the washes, I use Dark Tone on the flesh since its more suiting for the grey flesh im after and I want to create a stronger contrast to the robes. For the robes Ive used soft tone with some added tap-water to thin it out. What we are aiming for here is a stronger shadow to bring out more contrast. The wash also kinda ties the colors together hiding ugly visable brushstrokes from the pre-highlighting .


Now its time to create the dirt on the robes. Ive tried to use thinned down colors here to let the bright robes shine though. I started with randomly adding some watered down charred brown.


I then took out my good old Citadel Stippling brush and splashed on some charred brown. If you are not used to the stippling technique you probably should check a youtube video out on how the basic technique is done.  I recommend this video from Games Workshop Jump in to the 1:55 mark for what we are doing here.

Here you can see that I’ve applied watered down Typhus Corrosion, Another excellent Citadel Techical Color. This pre-thinned paint has grain in it that gives a very cool dirty effect both very suitable for rust and mud. It gives a nice gritty look when it dries but still letting the surface below shine through where its not to heavely applyed. Just what we are after here.
As you might have noticed I’ve also painted the mouth and claws. Nothing special here. I used metal for teeth and claws to add to the horror. These guys eat a lot so then need strong teeth =D


Here I’ve just used some red wash to make the grey skin look more sick and horrific.


Now we are soon done. Table manners is nothing these guys take that seriously as you can see around his face. I’ve splashed on some Blood for the Blood good and added more of it both watered down and ordinary paint around the robes covering the lower face. I see a lot of painters use to much of this color. It’s an excellent color but sometimes less is more. You want the color and effect to add to the overall look of model not take over entirely. Water down the paint and start small when applying this color and just keep adding until you are satisfied.

I hope you found this guide helpful. If you have any feedback or questions don’t hesitate to contact me here or on twitter @johan_hoflin

You can also check out my other painted minis on Instagram:



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